Renasenz Hemodialysis Catheter

  • Made from Medical Grade PU (Polyurethane), provides better flexibility and anti-kinking performance.
  • Thermosensitive, softens according to the patient’s body temperature.
  • Smooth inside and outside surface to avoid clot formation.
  • Radiopaque, facilitates quick visualization under X-Ray, for placement confirmation.
  • Rotatable suture wings, facilitates skin inspection.
  • Tapered tip facilitates ease of insertion and reduces vessel trauma during insertion.
  • Silicone extension tube to increase patient comfort while allowing visualization inspection
  • Side holes are 2.5cm apart from the end hole to prevent wall-suction, minimizing the risk of clot formation.
  • Inline clamps with printed priming volumes.
  • Introducer needle with Pressure Activated Safety Valve
  • Nitinol Guidewire with Advancer: 0.035” X 60cm
  • Available in Double Lumen and Tri-Lumen: Standard and Compound Kit

Compound Kit



Indwelling Hemodialysis Catheter 16cm

1 pc

Nitinol Guidewire with Advancer: 0.38” X 50cm

1 pc

Introducer Needle

1 pc

Pressure Transduction Probe


2 pcs

Vessel Dilator: F12 X 15cm


Vessel Dilator: F14 X 15cm

1 pc

Injection Adaptor

3 pcs

Scalpel Blade #11

1 pc

Raulerson Syringe 5ml

1 pc

Transparent Dressing

1 pcs

Syringe with Needle


1 pc

Sterile Brush Sponge



Surgical Sheet



Sterile gloves


1 pair

Needle with Sutures



Gauze Pad


Surgical Pledget


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Renasenz Hemodialysis Kit 3-Lumen Fr 12x16 Curved

  • Product Code: 1-SM-22123F
  • Availability: 100
  • ₱6,049.90
  • ₱4,770.00

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